Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Revit 2018 - Insert Ribbon Search Field is Removed

When Autodesk Seek gave up on their mission and handed it over to BIM Object Revit 2017 started to redirect us to that site instead whenever we did a search. Prior to that it would take us to Autodesk Seek.

Notice anything missing from the 2018 Insert Ribbon image above? Well the post title gave it away but the search field has been stripped off. Remember this following image from way back when?

I realize it didn't make sense to leave references to Autodesk Seek in play. Now it's even less helpful to find external content. I guess it's more incentive to install BIM Object's Revit app? Probably what they intended.

No you're not imagining things, it's gone gone gone...

-- EDITED 5/2/2017 --

I installed the BIM Object Revit app.

Holy smokes that's a heck of a ribbon for the primary button I really want, Browse on the far left. Note if you launch any of the tools you can't do any work back in Revit until you finish interacting with their app. If you find that frustrating you could just open a separate browser.

It would be nice if there were some user settings to reduce the number of buttons to just those you're likely to use. I added the browse button to the QAT to get around accessing the ribbon tab each time.


Unknown said...

I personally preferred the Autodesk seek range of generic objects (maybe because that's whats familiar) but I find the BIM Object library gave me too much of what I did not want or need and then there is a slightly tedious filtering process to find out that the object I wanted is not there. Don't get me wrong there's lots of great 'specific' items but a solid library of more contemporary generic content that a performance based spec can be applied to would be welcome from my architectural perspective. I found that Autodesk seek provided that a little better and I did expect that that standard content would still be available as well as all the great BIM object content. It's early days and I have not interrogated BIM object fully so my user experience is possibly a little limited at this time.

Unknown said...

Professional BIM users don't let friends "just download stuff from the 'net" for their content.

"Why does my RVT project now have 2,863 subcategories under 'Generic Models', all called things like 'CopycopycopycopyLayer11(12)' "?