Thursday, February 02, 2017

View Reference User Experience Inequality

The View Reference feature reveals information differently according to how you access the feature. A post at RFO yesterday, and subsequent reply by pivoarch, made me see this subtlety finally.

When you create a new view and choose the Reference Other View option you get the sheet and detail number value (when the view is on a sheet) in the description in addition to the view name, like this.

When you want to fix or change a View Reference the sheet and detail number values are not presented to us, like this.

It would be very helpful to include the sheet and detail number values in every instance that it is displayed to us.


Anonymous said...

The more important thing there is the search bar is also missing. I can't overemphasize how critical the search feature is in this context.

Damien Ferlazzo said...

Yes, and the search bar is also missing. Both have been bugging me since R15.R2.

Anonymous said...

To prevent us from guessing, we name all views exactly with their detail number and sheet number, like: H1/301(H1/S-301) the second we find the space for them on a sheet. It helps in a long span too, when you have only pdfs of old job in front of you, and need to insert view from it.