Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Feature Request - Tell me Link Files Have Changed

Working with a group of people today several echoed a request I've heard quite a few times over the years. They'd like Revit to let us know when a linked file (Revit/DWG) has changed so they know to use Reload to see the changes. The precedent for this idea is...yeah AutoCAD.

I suspect that it might negatively affect the user experience when Revit pauses to check for changes, assuming it can't be done as a background process (or multi-threaded). In that case I'd prefer Revit stay nimble and leave it up to me to decide when to check for changes. If it could be done without harming performance then I'd welcome it too.

Something for under the Xmas tree...


Maciej Wypych said...

Hi Steve,

I think it's a good concept, and I believe it should be added to the Worksharing Monitor, rather than Revit itself - For example a tick box "Include warnings from linked files" in the Central file access options. This would prevent Revit slowing down from any additional data exchange required to do this.

I think this issue affects a lot of new users, because they don't realize, that synchronizing a model with the central doesn't reload any linked files and they need to do it manually.

It would be great if there would be a tick box in the Synchronize & Modify Settings dialog - 'Synchronize and reload selected links' with a links selection dialog.

Just my 2 cents :)

Unknown said...

It wouldn't even need to be that complicated. Just check the save date/time of the linked file.

Steve said...

Ah, good point!