Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Pipe Materials

A fairly common comment from someone using the Piping/Plumbing features in Revit MEP is, "Where is Cast Iron?" Fair enough! Where is it? It ain't there! Getting it there is a matter of editing the Pipe Sizes.xml file (default location: C:\Program Files\Revit MEP 2008\Program). At least that's true for past versions. The information is now embedded in Revit MEP 2009 and accessible from a dialog found under Settings menu > Mechanical Settings. This is the dialog you get:

You click on "Sizes" at the bottom left of the dialog and you get the information displayed on the right side. You can now add Material, Connection, Schedule/Type as well as Sizes. Using the check boxes offered, you can filter the list of sizes so only appropriate ones will be offered to you when you use specific types of pipe. You also use this to allow RME to use the size when calculating "sizing" for you.

Keep in mind that the Project Units of your project will affect the pipe sizes displayed on the Options Bar too. You adjust this via Settings menu > Project Units and then choose Piping for Discipline. Like this:

Similarly Wires Sizes and Duct Sizes are embedded within RME.


Don M. said...

Thank you for this. I'm not sure why pipe materials are buried separately from all other materials, but I appreciate your torch in this tomb.

Anonymous said...

I've searched high and low for a table that has the numbers for Cast Iron, but not able to find one. Can you tell me where you found the numbers? Thank you!

Steve said...

I seem to recall that an engineer in the office I was working with dug them up, but I have no idea how accurately they reflect the material. As a starting point you can create them from the similar Ductile Iron.