Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hong Kong Anyone?

Eric in Hong Kong has a blog that I stumbled on tonight. He's civil professional who has joined an Autodesk distributor called Synnex. His blog is found at CADBeyond. He's blogging about more than just Revit but he has dedicated quite a few articles to Revit topics. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Steve,

Yes, for the blog I just start for a few months. I hope it can attract more people who they are interest the BIM/ GIS and would like to try the new technology software(e.g Revit, C3D). And share my experience with them.
Could you give me your experience about making the blog? daily update, precise information...


Steve said...

Advice? Just don't let it go too long without a post. Daily...hah...I wish. Not enough time or dedicated enough to do so indefinitely. Once a week definitely, more better but not always possible.

Inspiration? AUGI and NG posts, training sessions, project struggles, making content, Revit user meetings, support requests and reading the help docs.

Keeping it fresh is a bit more magic than science. Just be yourself.