Thursday, June 29, 2006

And Systems Too! New Build...

From the Autodesk site:

This build (20060619_2300) fixes a memory problem currently found within Autodesk Revit Systems software. It also resolves a conflict where files utilizing Links was found to impact application performance or cause a crash when exporting section/elevation views to dwg files.

Download it HERE!


Shaun van Rooyen said...

Hey Steve
WOW You've been busy!
Had a gap between clients? Or did you eventually take that time management course.

Keep in touch!
Shaun V Rooyen

Steve said...

Nah, no gaps thankfully! I just start topics as I think of em and eventually get around to wrapping them up. More like "Writer's Block" subsiding 8-)

Grasshopper said...

Hi Steve
I check your blog regularly and find it to be very helpful. You posted a comment on Revit Beginners blog adding to a post on Key plans. Your sugestion was to load the 'key plan' Detail Component into your titleblock family. I have been trying to do this but find the titleblock family will not allow detail components to be loaded. Can you shed any light on this!

Steve said...

Glad you find the articles helpful. I'm sorry to mislead you in my comment on David's blog. When I said detail component I should have said, Annotation Symbol.

Make a symbol family that is the actual size you want the keyplan (plotted size). Use filled regions, lines and text to define each part of the building. Now you can assign the Visible parameter for any or all of them to control the visibility of the parts.

Loaded into the titleblock family you can connect the parameters to the same ones you add in the titleblock family (instance) and this will give you sheet by sheet control over the display of the parts of the keyplan.

Yes, you can do this right inside a titleblock itself but if you need to do this in several versions of the title block as you go through different design phases the annotation symbol will let you avoid remaking it as much...maybe? changes might anyway eh?

George said...

Hi Steve, I've put together a list (and still adding) all Revit and AutoCAD resources (tutorials, downloads, blogs, forums, articles and more) and thought I'd pass these on - that you could post to your blog or share with others.

Thanks, niki