Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Active Workset

Anyone who spends significant time in a project using Worksharing has put things in the wrong workset...maybe once at least? There really isn't a fool proof way to make sure that you always put them in the right place either, except somehow training yourself to always check it. I'm trying...really...

So I had the pleasure of spending a couple hours with a pair of Revit afficionados in Minneapolis tonight. The first, Tom Dorner with Jafvert Mueller Architects and the proud owner of the blog Reviteer. The second, Rolly Stevens with Elness Swenson Graham Architects who I am embarrassed to say does not have a blog...YET! No worries Rolly...there are enough for now? I also met Dick Bates with Ryan Construction the night before. My thanks to Tom, Rolly and Dick for the chance to hang out with them while in town!

Where am I going with this? Oh, yes...while chatting we ended up talking about Revit believe it or not and I was reminded of this idea I had see...what if?

Let's say a scope box could be assigned a workset and any model object that landed inside could automatically belong to that workset? Well...after a couple of Newcastle's it seemed coherant. I'm sure something better is possible. This issue deserves some devoted thought since it remains one little chink in the armor of what is a really great feature of Revit.

Again I'm one week too early to catch a local Revit user's meeting!!! Drat!

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