Friday, September 09, 2005

It Takes All Types

Here's a tip for Family Editor's, using the Family Types dialog, enter a value into the formula field and click apply, then delete the value. Revit applies the value to all the family's types.'s the background info...thought I'd get the tip out quick first? Yes, I'm quirky...

Working with Revit Families that have many types can be problematic when you need to work on them. You run the risk of breaking a perfectly good family when you don't make sure every type has the "right" value. So typically you have to switch to each type and enter a value, repeat, rinse till done.

A few moons ago I posted a wish at AUGI for a faster way to propagate parameter changes to all the types in a family. I suggested a button to do this. What happened is Matt Jezyk, one of Autodesk Revit's Product Designers who goes all the way back to Revit Technology Corp. days, replied with this killer tip. It is one I use very often and am grateful he shared it.


(one can only enter numbers into the formula field so it isn't going to work for text values unless you place quotes around the text like "My Value". One must be explicit with units, you must define inches using the double quotes. Entering 0-4 will be treated as subtraction not 0'-4", you have to enter 4" to get the correct value)

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