Monday, August 08, 2005

AU 2005

By my count there are 32(ish) Revit Building and Structure classes at Autodesk University this year! Big numbers! Cool!

Last year I worked with David Conant during his Family Editor class. I wish I could say that I was more than a "Vanna White" to his "Pat Sajak" but I wasn't wearing a gown, but then nobody boo'd...that I heard! hehe... But I did turn the letters (slides) VERY WELL!

So this year I will be teaching a class (3.5 hour Lab) BD21-1L Autodesk Revit Family Editor: From the Beginning. I'm also very pleased that David has agreed to be a co-speaker in this lab. In fact this lab is meant to be complimentary to his class, BD35-2 Take Your Family to the Next Level.

I had hoped that the lab would follow David's class chronologically at AU, but his class follows the lab instead. So make sure you attend both regardless! The class titles make sense ordered this way though, eh?

Here's a link to my lab: BD21-1L: From the Beginning
David's lecture: BD35-2: Take Your Family to the Next Level

I'm looking forward to it!

Hope to see you there! If you see me and I don't see you...make sure we fix that!

[Fixed the links to the handouts that are now archived at AUGI. 12/31/09]


Anonymous said...

The link to AU 2005 bd35-2 Take Your Family to the Next Level
does not work.

Steve said...

The original links have been moved and archived to AUGI now, actually quite some time ago. Thanks for letting me know the links are broken, they are fixed now.

Anonymous said...

I know this is old, but is still a very good tutorial for concepts. AU only has content back to AU2006 and AUGI forums are dead (for now at least). Can you post new links to supporting files please? Regards, Dale

Michael Jones said...

Ditto, I stumbled upon the BD35-2 reference through another AU class, the speaker said it very edifying.

I do have the lab print-out from your lab, and I'm sure that I'll learn much from the lab, but every resource helps.

Steve said...

I've updated the links reference in the post above, so clicking on them should let you download them.