Thursday, July 21, 2005

What? Nothing to Say!?!

Writing to say that I've nothing to say...well nothing that's fit to print...

In the works however is the follow up to the shared parameter discussion where we actually make one and then use it.

I've also got a baluster template and rough tutorial simmering in the slow cooker...

My ace reporter Freddy Latherdon checked in yesterday, dressed as an old Cajun woman, and claims he's got a big story that he's tracking. Can't wait to see what that means?!? He mumbled something, that I just couldn't make out, just before chasing after a shady looking man in a mauve suit that was lurking nearby.

In the meantime Freddy's cousin, Artie, stopped by asking if he could borrow a couple hundred bucks. Seems he's got this lead on a great investment. Naturally I gave him three...can't pass up a good investment, after all he said it was a sure thing!


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Anonymous said...

I guess training the Folsom crew really has made you a bit insane!