Saturday, June 18, 2005

Making a Shared Parameter File

Creating a Shared Parameter file is only few steps. First you click FILE > SHARED PARAMETERS

Next you have to click CREATE

Last you need to decide what folder it should be in and name the file. DONE!


Christopher Zoog said...

Like the new look Steve!

Nice tutorial, keep up the good work.


pepperman said...

Steve, can you explain briefly how to link Revit v 8.0 files with Viz 2006?
Can those files contain linked archives?

Steve said...

I sure brief that is... Since I haven't used VIZ since Viz4 and poorly at that. My understanding of the process is to export the Revit model from 3D view to dwg. Then when you open Viz 2006 (or Viz 2005 and use the plug in for it)and load this dwg file, Viz will retain the materials you assigned to the objects in Revit. I suggest you ask Chris Zoog for some insight and or post a question at AUGI's forums for more information.