Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Annotation Symbol as Schedule

Sometimes you just need a way to store/present some information that may/may not be obtained from the model itself. You could create additional parameters (project parameters) and create a schedule to report the information if you assign them to a category you may not be likely to use in your normal scope, something that you won't use and won't likely have a schedule stumble on that same category if there are linked files.

Years ago I made the following family and I just stumbled across it again after getting asked about this situation and doing a search at AUGI (I posted it originally at Zoog Design and it migrated with the merge to AUGI).

It's pretty simple: lines, text and labels using instance parameters for each "XXXX" value I want to enter. When I put it in a project, it is "full size" for printing and I can put it anywhere I need it, view or a sheet view. I can select it and click on "X's" to fill out the form. A few years ago Jake Boen (at Autodesk University 2006) presented more clever examples that include calculations to do all sorts of things that we'd normally reach for a spreadsheet to do. Put your thinking cap on and I'm sure you can find a nice way to use the concept.

If you'd like to download the OLD family and the 2011 Family just click on their names.


Graham Briggs said...

Thanks Steve.
I've been meaning to create one of these for years. Instead, I always just used text and annotation elements in the project. Once or twice, I've copy/pasted from one project to another. But now... thanks again.

jbenoit44 said...

Thanks Steve,
valuable information. A BIM way to do some 2D stuff.
Have a nice day.

Luke Johnson said...

Nice one Steve. Now we just need a way to link this to Excel... :-)

Jake Boen said...

Thanks for the Mention. It keeps surprising me that this method keeps popping up, but then again it is so useful. I have about 8 of these families (calculating ones) which are an integral part of my project template and work flow.