Friday, January 28, 2011

Revit Memory Usage and Performance

I read about this video on Erik van Eck's blog the other day. He's Dutch but he writes a number of his posts in English just for me! (not really) I try to read the other posts in Dutch and some words are more memorable than others, but I was only nine when I spoke it. A couple years since...have ... past...

The video is 14 minutes and 49 seconds (14:49) so you'll need to set aside a little more time than for my normal posts. It took me several days to get back to it to watch myself.

This video is from Microsol Resources and runs six minutes twenty seconds (6:20).

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iyyy69 said...

Thanks Steve,

Not to criticize Steve for posting these, but just a heads up (this is just my *opinions*): the first Autodesk video will only be of interest to the absolute most beginner... generalities like a "faster CPU will help performance" kind of stuff; while there's some good advice, it's so general, that it's not of much technical help, but I guess it would remind a beginner that what they put into their model does affect performance. Anyone hoping for deeper insights into how Revit uses memory, etc. - this is a complete waste of time. Also, there's absolutely no reason why they should have made a video out of this - it's a guy stumbling through literally reading almost word for word a powerpoint presentation... extremely... slowly... BORING! They should just provide a PDF and it would have saved me fifteen minutes of my life.

The second video from Microsol is at least worth its weight as a video - he goes into some detail about how to use the Windows Task Manager... but again, this is more about making someone aware of the /3GB switch, then actually explaining anything. Unfortunately, there are a number of mistakes and misconceptions he passes along as well, so consider it a starting-off point.