Friday, November 07, 2008

Revit MEP - Heating and Cooling Loads - Isolate then Cancel Bug

Using the Heating and Cooling Loads feature choose to Isolate a space in the viewer.

You can crash Revit if you click the Cancel button before removing the Isolate option.
Want to cancel unscathed? Just make sure you uncheck the Isolate Space option FIRST!


Steven said...

Reported Boss... anything else?

Tyson S. said...

I attempted to recreate your bug. I even opened the tutorial and selected the same room to isolate as you have shown in your picture. I then hit cancel and was able to return to Revit and continue working. Multiple attempts repeated this result. Running 2009 build 20080321_1900

Steve said...

That might explain it, that build is the oldest one for RME2009. My example is from the latest build of the 32 and 64 bit versions for RME2009. I should have mentioned that!!

Tyson said...

Just updated to build 20080915_2100 which is the WU#2. Still no crashes for me. 32-bit version.

Steve said...

Re-tested... it only occurs in 64 bit version. I must have been running the 64 bit version and convinced myself otherwise. Thanks for checking and commenting!