Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Dept. of Reviteristics - A Legend isn't?

Language is hard at times. The use of the same words in the context of Revit for different tasks can be confusing. Take for example the Legend feature which is a specific type of view that can contain symbolic representation of content and text as well as dimensions. These legends can also be placed on multiple views whereas most other view types cannot.

Consider then the Color Scheme Legend, it is a legend in the conventional architectural language/usage but in the context of Revit and views it is NOT. So imagine the possible confusion for a new user when we use the same word interchangeably for different purposes.

A color scheme legend is not a view, it is annotation that is placed in a view. It/they are managed via the Settings menu > Color Fill Schemes. These are only available if you've chosen to apply a color fill scheme to a view. They are intended to provide a way to discern what each color is meant to represent.

When working with new users (or seasoned even) be vigilant as we use words and their meaning and how things that may seem obvious may in fact be confusing.

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Anonymous said...

This does get frustrating. There are many similar examples throughout the product, which i have hapazardly assembled in an AUGI post.