Friday, September 24, 2021

Revit Updates and 33 Percent

 There must be something magical about 33% and Revit updates lately?

I installed the Hotfix the other day and it "hung" at 33% long enough that I thought the install failed. I just started to look at a forum thread on the subject and it magically finished. This morning the same thing is happening with the 2022.1 update. Progress gauges aren't much good if they don't actually show progress the whole time, no? Looking forward to checking out the new features when it jumps from 33% to Finished!


Simon Weel said...

Same here. I too thought the installer hung. And then suddenly it finished. What bothers me the most is the INCREDIBLE amount of time (about 20 min.) it took to install a patch of 800 MB. I'm rolling out Revit 2022 in combination with the 2022.1 patch at the moment and all in all it takes about 50 minutes to install. Windows itself takes less time to install. Oh, and while we're at it, the reboot-dialogue when Revit is installed is not exactly a joy when you *think* the whole installation process is 'silent'.

Andy Milburn said...

A watched kettle never boils Steve. I set mine going, nipped out to the shops, by the time I got back it was all done.

Hope you are well my friend and giving those skins some serious punishment :)