Thursday, January 16, 2014

Create New Local Option is Disabled

When the Create New Local is disabled one of these four culprits are usually to blame:
  • The file does not use worksets (occasionally to blame)
  • The network connection/resource is busy, or disconnected (likely culprit)
  • Someone is creating a local at the same moment (less often, but happens)
  • Opening a file created in a newer version of Revit (less often) [added per a comment]
  • File is a Local file (user copied a local over a central)
  • The network path at each workstation is not the same as each other (very likely culprit)

This is an earlier post about this issue, it's called Creating a Local File - Clue to a Problem.

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Clay said...

Also when you try to open a file saved in a later version.

Steve said...

Thanks for the reminder, added it to the list!

Dave Baldacchino said...

New one: when a file was processed with eTransmit, I believe the "Detached" option is checked and greyed out by default. You also get an explanation and Revit asks you if to work with the file temporarily or if you want to create a new central file in the same place as the current file.

Joseph Troppmann said...

We have also had this occur with files on a Revit Server and there is a problem with the Revit Server Accelerator, ie. the Revit Server Accelerator has crashed.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to revit, so I'm having some problems here. Could someone tell me the steps to creating local structural file after downloading the central file ? Thanks in advance!

Steve said...

Look into using the Detach from Central option when you're in the File Open dialog. There are posts about it here too.