Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Proposal - Design Bar Tabs

A fairly common request is for a way to reduce the cluttered list of component types we get presented when we use the Component tool. I suggest that on a new component design bar tab that we have a category specific component tool for each category of the following component families:

  • Casework
  • Entourage
  • Furniture
  • Furniture System
  • Generic Component
  • Planting
  • Site
  • Specialty Equipment
  • Sustainable Design

If a tool exists for a category under another tab I didn’t add it to this list, such as column, site and parking. I don’t know how deserving Sustainable Design is of its own tool or folder since each component in that folder could easily belong to an existing category. Seems that this folder is catering to a specific design issue than a feature.

While I’m at it I’d like to see our own Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing tabs to place those categories of components as well, even if it is only for placing those components along with a few drafting tools like dimensions and tags. I’m hoping we get some architectural process tools for each discipline so our overlap and redundancy will be reduced as we moved forward on the BIM path.

If we get a separate component tab one assumes that each tool will filter the list of the types offered in the type selector to only those of that tool’s category. Of all the things that we want Revit to do this seems like it might be a pretty minor task to accomplish.

It might look like this?


Anonymous said...

I think it's time for the whole Revit interface to get a major overhaul. The applciation is state of the art but it's UI far from it.
Dare I say the AutoCAD Dashboard/Palette model or perhaps more like the Microsoft Office 2007 ribbon would be a better alternative.

Eric Peabody said...

Good idea. And as long as we are talking about the design bar tabs, I would like to see some hot keys for switching between tabs quickly.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a very good idea, not only because it is necessary, but also because it is simple. I disagree with Robin. Maybe Revit's actual interface is not what we can call sexy, and maybe it deserves some touches. But it is "familiar"; from release to release you are always at home. You can not say the same about AutoCAD or Microsoft Office.

Unknown said...

While my old beat up truck may be familiar, it sure would look and drive easier if it had a paint job, new seats, stereo, etc. Familiar is not always the most functional or efficent way. I would like to see Revit have a more modular look with dockable properties windows.

Daryl Gregoire said...

REVIT's interface is fine but REVIT really needs a drag and drop 'palette' system like the ease of ADT and AutoCAD palettes. You can drag and drop your favorite tools and components for easy access and manage the palettes from day to day depending on your job at hand. I find that thumbing thru REVIT components is painfully time comsuming as compared to ADT's really fast drag and drop method.

Seltied said...

I agree with the interface overhaul. Part of issue I have with Revit is its dependence upon the "Properties" click to get anywhere. There are many great apps out there that have a dynamic Properties window that pops up automatically or is accessed using a hotkey (such as the Spacebar in Maya). The ability to modify and change element attributes without having to rely on right-clicking, selecting Properties, hitting OK or Cancel, would make Revit a lot smoother to use.

Aaron said...

You can always hit Alt+Enter for properties. (It's a Windows thing.) I agree, though. A floating properties palette would be nice.

Anonymous said...

I think a floating properties window may slow things down a bit in Revit, but thats just my opinion. Different objects have vastly different items to display in properties, and if the window was opened all the time, it would have to cycle these things. While ill agree, there are times it would be nice, i wouldnt want ANYTHING that would make the the program move slower.

The proposal by Steve, however, i would love. Id like to see the COMPONENT button go away, in favor of more specific component buttons, like are already present for Strctural items and Architectural columns.

BTW, i LOVE the ideaway toolbars, and the fact that the UI isnt extremely tweakable. It makes jumping to different stations very easily done in an office...

-Aaron (twiceroadsfool)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Daryl, I am changing from ADT where I had my tool pallets well set up, they really sped things along(like my old digitizer used to!)& they are easy to modify. I can't believe there is not this ability in REVIT. I have used ArchiCAD for a couple of years too & it had more key property info in the top toolbar. Helpful & quick to adjust settings.

Matt Dillon said...

In addition to UI improvements, I'd like to see some sort of content management scheme. Perhaps taking the concept of the palettes and catalogs in AutoCAD Architecture (without the problematic implementation of same) and applying it to Revit.

Unknown said...

can we change ribbon format of revit 2010 as revit 2008

Steve said...

Well we've got a new UI now. As I re-read these comments I still don't see my original wish met. But we do have a new UI! So some got their "wish"! 8-)