Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Wish - Release Type Catalogs after Loading a Family

Revit needs to release the Type Catalog files after loading a family that use them.

That message makes the process of updating a type catalog tedious at best if you have to close Revit completely to release it so it can be edited, very inefficient. There was a brief period of time when Revit did release the file as it should, but that ended with 2018 if I recall correctly.


Matt Taylor said...

I tend to start a 2nd session while I'm working on the 1st, and keep tumbling to the next and starting another to move to next.

Steve said...

I read somewhere that it is intentional because of Edit Family and Export Family protect the existing file. The end result unfortunately is that it makes it quite inefficient to edit the types on the fly as a project evolves...the way most of them really do.