Monday, May 15, 2017

Insert From File and a Worksharing File

I bumped into a subtle conflict this evening. I created a new file from a stock template. I then used Insert from File > Insert Views from File to acquire a few drafting views. When I closed this new project and decided to open the file the harvested drafting views are stored in this message appeared.

Keep in mind that no files were actually open at the moment. I was looking at the Recent Files list yet when I attempted to create a new local file for the project I just used Insert From File on the message popped up. This means that the file is technically still open in RAM as far as Revit is concerned, it's just not open for me to interact with.

I had to exit Revit so it could relinquish its hold on the file before I could start Revit up again to get back to work.


Matthew Gonzalez said...

I've seen this many times in 2017 (though not lately) except it wasn't a "local vs central" thing it was the same old "can't open a file that is linked into an open project" message. Problem being that absolutely nothing was open. I also had to completely quit Revit to resolve the issue.

David Lindsey said...

I have seen a similar thing recently when creating new workshared files for various disciplines for a large project I have going on. After linking the various discipline models and closing my new model, sometimes I get this message when attempting to open one of the models I just linked to a file that is now closed. My only option is to close Revit and re-open.