Thursday, October 17, 2013

Schedule Column Selection Wish

Short and sweet. I wish that when I select a column in a schedule and drag across multiple columns that the view would scroll as I move beyond the frame of the view. This way I could select all the columns in a schedule that is too wide to do so in one pick/drag motion.


n8 said...

I agree. I like that the schedules in 2014 are more 'Excel like' and hope they continue moving in that direction. 2014 does have a small improvement in this regard though over previous versions. I have noticed that schedules now allow you to select rows or columns, scroll the window down, use ctrl+shift+left select and there by select columns or rows otherwise off the screen, still retaining the previously selected rows or columns. The column selection feature in 2014 now takes care of this for the entire column. But the method I describe works for cases where you want to select a group of columns or rows still not all on one screen. Not as nice as if the window scrolled with your row or column selection but an improvement nonetheless. I hope that makes sense.

n8 said...

They also removed a subtle schedule functionality that I miss. In 2013 we can hit 'home' or 'end' on the keyboard to get to the beginning or end of a value in a cell.

in 2014 hitting 'home' or 'end' in a cell completely exits selection of any cell in a schedule.

That's annoying.