Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blends have Two Sketches

From the been there done that department I bring you a little reminder, Solid and Void blends have two sketches; a base and a top. It's pretty common to see two sketches in the base and the user wonders why they can't move on to the top sketch. When the blend process starts Revit is thinking "base", regardless of the orientation of the blend you are making. How can you tell? Easy, there is a button for Edit Top.

That can only be appropriate if Revit thinks we are working on the base. There isn't even a button for Edit Base until after you click Edit Top.

Once you have two complete sketches, each in their own "world" (Base and Top), you can Click the Green Check mark for Finish Edit Mode. If you need to revisit one or both of the sketches you'll find you can go straight to the Base or Top Sketch via separate buttons, just have to select the form first.

Remember, two sketches, two, two are better than one or twice as nice.

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