Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Panel Schedule and Load Calculation Addition

A thread at AUGI that started in December 2011 described a situation that Panel Reports show some connected loads as "0". The thread wandered around a bit but Martin Schmid with Autodesk responded on Tuesday with some insight after the development team did some research. Martin prepared a video to help explain what can cause this.

He wrote in his reply at AUGI:

I was able to reproduce this today with some help with our development team. The issue seems to be related to having your connector's Load Classification Parameter associated with a Parameter that has an empty value specified.

You can see in the video that when I create a Load Classification parameter, it has no value... when I then associate that with the connector, the connector ends up with a load classification with no value. Thus, when you connect this, there is no value that propegates into the panel totals, since the panel totals are dependent on summing values from load classifications. As soon as I set a value on the parameter associatd with the connector's Load Classification, the values tabulate.

A reply at AUGI shortly thereafter reminded members to also check the Part Type setting for their families. Using stock content it isn't likely that this would be the issue but for any custom content that has been downloaded or created internally, checking everything you can won't hurt.

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