Monday, January 31, 2011

Space Naming Tool - In the Box Please

Revit MEP users are hopefully aware of the available (via subscription only) tool cleverly called Space Naming Utility. I've been places though that are not and they deal with the unpleasant disconnect between Revit Architecture's Rooms and Revit MEP's Spaces, without the tool. Quite frustrating to have to coordinate these. The tool makes that process much simpler, if you know about it that is. If you didn't, now you do.

I have a simple request, let's have it "in-the-box" for the next release of Revit please? Why is an integral piece of the puzzle an "extra"?

I've been befuddled for decades now at the Express Tools part of AutoCAD. Why those weren't just rolled up into the application years ago... I've heard that people want "their" Express Tools so they've remained where they are as a "separate and special" addition so to speak.

Well I'd like no such thing, bundle-em-up! One installation please, no chasing off to subscription for more goodies. If it can't be done for this next release, at least give us a chance to deploy/install it at the same time??



bjlottis said...

Well said! And the other aspect of Express Tools is that the default installation settings are without the tools. You have to be sure and check it so it installs.

By the way, I really enjoy your blogs. Keep it up.

Steve Bennett said...

Here! Here!

3 cheers for one install!!!

I think right now if I were to install all the "extras" from Autodesk alone, we are at about 10-15 additional installs...
Web update 2
advantage pack
db link
batch print
globe link
model review
worksharing monitor
activity stream (for RS)
Bluestreak (for sharing activity in RS)
install revit server on netowrk
??? - I know i missed some but this is getting ridiculous...

Brian Mackey said...

But how will Autodesk show you the "Value" of your subscription if all of those tools are bundled?

Steve Bennett said...

Bundle them in SUB ctr for goodness sakes!

Jason Bailly said...

Hi Steve,
I never commented on your original post and this actually maybe should be there.
Some things that I have figured out with this workflow are worth mentioning.

Linked models will of course have to be set to Room Bounding.

Avatech has a similar tool called Space Update. It can live in Revit Arch. You still need to have Revit MEP to place your initial spaces but would never have to return to Revit MEP in the future for that model.
As far as I can tell, the tool works the same as the one from the factory in RMEP.

When your linked model(s) update and have changes, run the tool again. If NEW rooms show up in your linked model(s), simply copy/paste an existing space and space tag to the new room location and run the tool again.
Having a working view set up with only walls, spaces and rooms displayed with the 'Interior Fill' checked on will help you easily spot where there is a new room that you need to create a space for.
Create new project paramters that apply to Spaces for things that you want to schedule like finishes etc.
In the words of a wise man, Hope that helps!