Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sample How-To Video Clips

Here's quick post to mention that the Revit 2011 product has a has a folder called "video-clips".

Here's the path:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit Architecture 2011\Program\video-clips

Here's a list of what twenty three (23) videos that I find in RAC (same list in RME):

  • Add Remove Segments
  • Add Split Line
  • Align
  • Arc Center End
  • Arc Fillet
  • Array
  • Building Pad
  • Copy
  • Edit Sweep
  • Edit Swept Blend
  • Edit Witness Lines
  • Ellipse
  • Grid Line Mullion
  • Mod Sub Element
  • Move
  • Partial Ellipse
  • Rotate
  • Split
  • Tangent Arc
  • Trim Corner
  • Trim Extend Corner
  • Trim Multiple
  • Trim Single
Jeff Hanson wrote in a comment that these are Toolclips videos. Hover over a feature long enough and if there is a corresponding video, it will play.

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Jeff Hanson said...

Steve, these video are what we call "Toolclips". They are part of the tooltip system. If you hover over a tool on the ribbon long enough the toolclip video will play. We are planning on adding many more of these to the next release of Revit.

Jeff Hanson
SME Autodesk Revit UX