Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Family Editor Tools - Free from CAD Technology Center

CAD Technology Center (CTC Products) has decided to make their tools free to Family Editors who wear authorized uniforms.

Actually they didn't make that distinction but I think they should! I used that image in a slide for a Autodesk University session in 2006. It comes from the Rev'IT! site, a Dutch motocycle clothing and accessory company that has the distinction of owning originally (and selling it to the Revit we know).

CTC's tool set has the nice price of $0.00 listed on their site.

Included for this nice price is:
  • Delete Backup Files
  • Type Catalog Tools
  • Compare Shared Parameters
  • Merge Shared Parameters
  • Family File Version Detector

I'll leave it to their site to explain the tools and their purpose but I think anyone whose made more than a couple families will recognize some value just from their description?

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Julien BENOIT said...

thanks a lot for information Steve.
Will test it next week.