Friday, January 21, 2011

Dept. of Huh? - A New Little Guy?

I've been dealing with getting Windows 7 installed and rebuilding my life on the PC during this past week, finally! A continual experience of, "oh, let's take care of this! Oops, I didn't install that yet...hello Firefox let's download some software!" Like the video I wanted to record for another post next week, oops don't have Jing installed yet.

I fired up Revit Architecture 2011 this morning and I'm greeted by this new little guy!

It lingers there on screen until I actually click on it to close it. I'm thinking it is supposed to be hidden and related to getting authorization/licensing? Can't imagine what cool setting I've triggered to get it!

Anybody else seen this?? Say hello to my little friend?

[Added 5:40 PM - January 21, 2011] Thanks to Ryan Duell's specific comment about graphics card managers I remembered that I did play with settings in my nvidia Quadro FX1600m configuration using their nView Properties tool. Turns out that checking the option: Prevent windows from opening off-screen was the culprit. Disable that and no little friend, bye bye. Sorry, but I won't miss you.

Thanks Ryan!! and the other comments too!


Steve Wong said...

I saw this the other day, but thought it might be from a bug from an extension I installed. It was the Roombook extension.

Danny said...

If you could expand the dialog, it would say "Don't click on this. And whatever you do, don't expand this dialog. Would you like to not continue?" with Abort Retry and Cancel buttons. ;-)

Steve said...

No extensions installed or 3rd party apps yet, pretty clean so far! Still have more to do to rebuild.

Uh, Danny how do you know this? Did you create it?? :)

stimmo520 said...

I get this when I run ADesk Trial its just licensing running.

Jay Polding said...

It's not April yet Steve.

This is weird. Suprised it doesn't say, "Hello World'.

Anonymous said...

In almost every case I have seen this, it is graphics card management software [tiny dialogs or dialogs with X]. Check out the thread \technical solution below:

Gabe said...

I've seen this on a couple machines in my office. Didn't initially make the connection with windows 7, but now that I think of it, we had just installed windows 7 on those machines.

It either went away on it's own, or the users just quit complaining about it.