Saturday, August 21, 2010

Troubleshooting - Downloading Content

When I downloaded the new versions of Revit 2011, MEP would not let me download the content, at least not all 16 bundles. I thought maybe it was my ISP cutting me off with a large bandwidth download. I thought all sorts of things. I ended up getting my content from the media when it arrived, yes I asked for the DVD, how can you collect them if you don't get them?

Long story short - I thought I disabled my anti-virus software adequately. Turns out that I did not. When I carefully shut down each of the services that were running (leaving me temporarily vulnerable to internet evil) the content downloaded successfully!

Next time you are having issues, remember the often stated and repeated mantra of disabling the software you use to protect you from internet evil. I happen to be using AVG's products so your mileage may vary.


Anonymous said...

Luiz Carlos said... Hi Steve., Is your colleague design reflects how we feel when content is unprotected ...
My cunprimentos

KyleB said...

Sorry you had such an issue grabbing the content for Revit MEP.

You should know that we make all of our content available to be downloaded outside of the installer for free if you'd like, including all localized versions.

Go to and you will be able to grab whatever you want.


Steve said...

Kyle, thanks, I know about the content and I even had trouble getting them to download because of the anti-virus interference. All is well now that I know how to get around it. It would be nice if downloads from your sites didn't trip up my AV software so it could stay running. I'll have to check to see if I can add those domains as "okay" to the software.