Thursday, August 05, 2010

Dept. of Wishes - Revit MEP - Selection Priority

I made a brief video that describes a frustrating selection situation when linked models are involved. Revit places the link at a higher priority than local MEP elements. Wireframe visual style will change this but wireframe in some views (3D) isn't always a better option. It would be really nice if a linked model had a lower selection priority when compared with other native elements. I've embedded the video here but you can also watch it at YouTube.


Elisa said...

Does this not happen in Revit Arch or Struct? (being at home I can't try it until monday!)

Ben said...

The best situation for me would be to not be able to select the linked model at all. Once it is pinned to have it unelectable. If there is such a setting , then let me know.