Friday, August 20, 2010

Dept. of Questions - Can Revit?

I've been encountering questions, over the years, where someone asks if "something" is possible. That something is usually quite specific that they do or their firm does. Often it is something we all do or reasonably close. Occasionally it is really specific and perhaps even peculiar to a firm, a person, an off-hand idea...something.

I provide a tongue-in-cheek reply that attempts to get the idea across that Revit is pretty capable and many of the typical things we do have been accounted for. I thought that I should scientifically provide evidence that what I've claimed over the years is true. Here are three pie charts that clearly show what I have claimed all along is true.

Scientifically true? Okay, busted! I didn't do this scientifically. I did use a pie chart in Excel though, does that count for something? Notice how I carefully put Revit MEP at a slightly less percentage of YES? That's because it is younger.

How well does Revit live up to this? Pretty well overall in my opinion. The more specific your focus, the more peculiar or unique your desire the greater the chances you get a small piece of pie. It isn't likely they'll satisfy every last one of us so I don't think they'll ever hit 100% Yes. Regardless, I like pie...Lemon Meringue and Boston Cream Pie (which is a cake, I know). Want some milk with your pie?

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