Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dept. of Off Topic - Introducing Revit "the frog"

Dave Edwards shared this with me the other day after I posted the picture of the Jeep with Rev*IT.

He writes:
Don't know if you ever saw this. There was a Harley Davidson licensed Beenie Baby frog called "Revit." When I first started with the software, every Google search on "Revit" came up with all these Beenie Baby sites. Well, because I had dreams of working for them at the time, I bought three of them and sent two to the Execs of Revit Tech. One is still on my desk.

The tag says: "Revit's no toad, and he's not just a frog. He's King of the Road, when he's up on his Hog!" On the back of his jacket it says: "Harley Davidson, Kiss Normal Good. "Fitting for a frog". For years we called Revit, FrogCAD.

Thanks Dave!

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