Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Split Button Memory

The web update recently indicated that several of the Split Buttons now remember the last tool that you used. Which tools am I referring too?


Room/Area Tag
Keynote Tag
Component/Repeat Detail/Legend Component.

For example the Room/Area tag looks like this when you use it.

Initially the Component Split Button didn't seem to remember to change the icon too but it has been fine since closing and starting over with a new session.
Thanks for the "memories"!

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Malleristic-Revitation said...

On this subject (sort of...) Im dying to know why Room TAGS and Area TAGS arent with the other TAGS and annotations.

I get that a ROOM and an AREA are both modeled entities (sort of), but a tag is a tag is a tag. Its still view specific, and its still annotation.

Le sigh...