Friday, July 17, 2009

Revit Content - Turbo Squid

I met Michele Bousquet at Autodesk University 2008 and she was full of energy when it comes to making Revit Content available. She wrote to tell me that its been six months since they kicked their Revit Market off and they have over 2500 families now (they call them "assets").

What I found interesting is that the items in most demand are "entourage"...people etc. The biggest sellers have been furniture, plants and decorative accessories. That makes some sense to me. Do we really want to model that stuff to add to a scene so we can get a better sense of realism?

She also mentioned that the greatest concern expressed by customers/users thus far has been "reliability". It is one thing to download a family for free and see it "break" when you flex it. It is another thing entirely if you are paying for it. She said that their Revit Market has done very well because of their Revit Certified Content process.

I really appreciated the "60's era free-Revit-family" vibe we've had for many years but also recognize that many firms and users are really reluctant to share many hours work so freely anymore. So Turbo Squid is providing a solution, you don't have to "give away" your content anymore and you can download something you can count on with a bit more certainty.

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tirebiter said...

I just searched TurboSquid for "Revit" and came up with 46 items. Perhaps they miscounted :-)

tirebiter said...

I have searched TurboSquid and have turned up only 58 or so Revit .rfa files. Any idea where to look for the rest?

Steve said...

You are using the link I provide initially. Unfortunately that link was to the overall Turbo Squid site. You need to use the one that is posted now:

This takes you to the Revit Market.

Sorry for the confusion!

tirebiter said...

Thanks Steve,
(You might want to correct the spelling on the link). Lots of good stuff on that site.

Steve said...

I did before I responded to your comments.

Robert said...


Since you are in touch with Michele, I wonder if they could publish how they determine what constitutes certified content? I visited the website and saw that they have a beta process, but I was hoping to find guidelines or other information that is a basis of evaluation.


Revit Market said...

You can find out more about the certification process here:

Basically, we want to make sure the families flex and host correctly, and that a customer can change materials if necessary.

You can email me any questions at We really want to continue to grow this marketplace, so if you've got stuff you want to put up there, I'll be happy to advise you.


Anonymous said...

It's good step forward for Revit. There are not so many e-shops with hundreds of high quality revit families. I just know TurboSquid and