Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dept. of Wishes - Continue a Command in a Separate View

People familiar with AutoCAD are probably used to being able to split a view into more than one viewport. This permits you to zoom in on different parts of the model space and start a command at one end of a building and finish the command at the other end by making the appropriate part of the view active. Revit can provide another window and you can tile it but you can't start, for example, the wall tool and place the first point in one view and then place the second point in the other view. This would be quite handy!!

You can use the Trim tool however, pick one wall in one view and pick another wall in another view. Same for the Align tool.

Similar weakness for the dimension tool and lines, can't start the dimension tool in one view and pick another to finish it up. Same for lines.

Speaking of Walls or lines you CAN, in one view, start a wall at one end, Zoom to Fit, Zoom in Region and place the second point. Not nearly as fast or efficient as a second focused viewport perhaps but it'll get you there.


Robert said...

Since Revit does not typically allow the same view to be open "twice" it would be quite difficult for the dimension tool to "cross" views as dimensions are view specific, which view are you creating the dimension in?

That said cross view support for the creation and modification of model elements could prove quite handy, ducts, walls, pipes, curtain wall, etc....

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it also be nice to focus in the actual view/window, saving us to click the view into activity first.