Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blogger Tip - Wider Editor

Beau Turner posted a very nice tip that he picked up elsewhere. If you blog and use Blogger you may have been frustrated at how narrow the editor section is in the UI. I suppose they keep it that narrow so that we get a sense of when our text will wrap but it can be quite tedious. Bottom line...using Firefox, Greasemonkey (scripting add-on) and a free script you too can edit in a wider whiter space. To add the script to Greasemonkey just try to browse to the script link in a Tab within Firefox (after installing Greasemonkey naturally) and Greasemonkey will "catch" it to give you a chance to add the script. Once that's done you can edit in Blogger in a nice wide format.

Thanks to Beau for posting about it and to the Fat Knowledge blog for posting it too. The script was built on the work of Jasper de Vries.


archshrk said...

Of course you wouldn't have this problem if you used wordpress :)

Rod said...

Another blogger tip:

free from microsoft, you can connect it to a number of blogging sites, including blogger.com - makes editing posts so easy! you can get plugins for it too, i've got a code formatting one that really takes the hassle out of formatting blog posts.

Peter Tranberg said...

Ever tryed the Live Write Application comming with the Windows Live Messenger update? Its fantastic, you get to write your Blog almost "Live" with all formatting, easy insert of elements etc..

David Light said...

Hey Steve,

You could always use MS Livewriter. This will allow you to blog off line and the post when you get back on line.


However, if I can remeber correctly you are using xp 64? If that is the case this software will not work with this OS. I run virtual PC with vista on top of my xp 64 just for blogging. A bit of a workup, but it does work.

Steve said...

Yep...XP64. I started to mess around with Virtual PC but haven't gotten serious about it.