Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Error Reports

Experiencing crashes? Are you sending in reports? You know, the dialog asking you to tell Autodesk what you were doing when the crash occurred?

You aren't? Why? Aren't you interested in getting the problem fixed?

I moved my current session of RAC2010 to my second monitor tonight while testing my video card driver changes and "poof" Revit vanished after first telling me that an unrecoverable error occurred. When the error reporting dialog appeared moments later...did I send it in? Darn tootin!!

Check out the information that it sends for you when you do. You could submit a support request by logging into subscription entering a bunch of information and then wait for a response which will inevitably ask for more information followed by a request for a journal file etc. could just click "Send Report"...seems easier?

In this instance I was working with a file that upgraded to 2010 but I did not save yet. When I moved Revit to the larger monitor and maximized Revit it crashed. Tried again and same thing...third time I saved it first and no crash. Seems to be sensitive to the file not having been saved. Finally I've got the promised better view performance with DirectX and Anti-Aliasing enabled!! This setting seems to be the key so far...hope it proves to be stable, more testing tomorrow etc.

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