Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quick Tip - Center a Ceiling

Perhaps it is obvious, perhaps not...

If you want recenter a ceiling grid in a room, assuming that it has been adjusted already but you need to change it again. Add a dimension string to the defining boundary walls and to one of the parallel grid lines, click the EQ control toggle. The grid repositions itself.

If you have a specific corridor width (say 6'-0") that a 2x2 or 2x4 ceiling should fit nicely in but it isn't in the correct spot, same trick but add a second reference to the other side of the same ceiling "panel" and use the EQ control toggle.
The result:


Nicholas said...

Do you have a good way of centering between lines? Generally we just center and then move half the distance of the known panel size. Either that or you have to draw a ref plane, detail line, etc; constrain that and then use that to center. Most of the time I find the latter breaks the detail line constraints and I have to manually move it later anyways.

Steve said...

Nope...nothing else comes to mind at the moment.