Monday, March 14, 2005

Revit in Honolulu

Currently I find myself working in our Honolulu office (often pretty Late!) helping a couple teams (new to Revit) get started using Revit. Our Cadd Mgr Danny is getting pretty clever with Revit himself so I should be out of a job soon!

Not only is Danny trying to keep me from coming to Hawaii in the future but he also serves as my personal tour guide once a trip. Imagine my confusion? This time around he (and his lovely wife Kim, oh...their dog Taiko too) took me on a cool hike up into the hills of Manoa. Once I figure out how to put pictures in this blog I'll add some.

The office in Honolulu is lively, busy and very creative. It's a bit stressful at times dealing with those pesky deadlines, but they do know how to relax by having Pau Hana, which means an end of day party, at the end of a week from time to time.


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